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COVID-19 EASE Update

COVID-19 EASE Update

Educational Administration and Secondary Education

Faculty/Staff                                                                  Contact Information

Dr. Marissa Bellino                                             

Dr. Maureen Connolly (Undergrad Coordinator)

Dr. Jonathan Davis (Urban Ed. Coordinator)      

Dr. Brian Girard Chair                                          

Dr. Karen Gordon                                               

Dr. Colette Gosselin                                           

Dr. Salika Lawrence                                           

Dr. Donald Leake                                               

Dr. Linda Mayger (Ed Leadership Grad Coordinator)

Stacy Pannone-Dickinson                                 

For general questions or support, please contact Stacy Pannone-Dickinson at 609-771-2395; For questions about the programs, please contact the relevant coordinator (see above); for all other questions you can reach the Chair, Brian Girard, at

All field placements are suspended until classes revert from an online format; this is contingent on placement districts’ status. Students in clinical placements should remain in contact with their supervisor.

Advising in advance of registration: Please contact your advisor via email and set up a meeting via phone, google chat, or some other communication that works for both of you.

For more information and updates on the school’s response to this situation, please see the School of Education COVID-19 Response page and be sure to check your email.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. For assistance and all questions, please contact Dr. Brian Girard (